All iPhone 5 Deals

The all iPhone 5 is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Apple Inc. It is the sixth generation iPhone , successor to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5S and previous iPhone 5C. Officially unveiled as part of a press conference September 12, 2012 , he was released September 21, 2012 . 's IPhone 5 presented the main design changes compared to its predecessor. These include a body aluminum base was thinner and lighter than previous models, a larger screen with a ratio of about 16:9, the Apple A6 SoC , LTE Support and lightning, a new compact dock connector that replaces the 30-pin design used by previous models.

Apple began taking pre-orders September 14, 2012 , and more than two million have been received within 24 hours. The initial demand for the iPhone 5 has exceeded the available supply at launch , September 21, 2012 , and was described by Apple as " extraordinary " , with pre-orders having sold twenty times faster than its predecessors. While receiving the iPhone 5 has been generally positive , consumers and reviewers have noted the hardware problems, such as involuntary purple hue in photos taken , and the coating of the phone is prone to chipping . The reception was also mixed on Apple's decision to move to a different connector design dock, as the change affected the compatibility of the iPhone 5 with accessories that were otherwise compatible with previous versions of the line.

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